10 Tips for Making Money From Paid Surveys

Posted on March 14th, 2013

by Megan Flemming

Online surveys for money are a popular form of market research today.

Manufacturers and other
advertisers like them because they enable a better gauge of a product’s or service’s potential success before introduction. Sometimes this works even during the Market Research Sign design process. It can provide information to drive improvements as well as other opportunities. Providing these opportunities for businesses means more money, some of which can be earned by the survey takers.

However, with the wide proliferation of real and fake survey sites on the web today, it
can be difficult to find a legitimate survey site, let alone one that pays decent
rewards for a reliable supply of surveys. Follow this simple guide to maximize
your chances of profiting from your time spent filling out surveys online.

Know a Scam When You See One

It’s been estimated that for every legitimate money-making opportunity online, there are more than
60 scams. That’s especially true of online surveys. The lure of real
cash has not only tempted end users, but get-rich-quick parasitic scammers. Review sites
like can be helpful, as well as simply running web searches
containing the name of the survey panel/site and terms such as “scam”
or “legit.” For any survey site you’re considering, take the time to
look up user reviews at reliable review sites, noting carefully how many users
seem to be complaining about thinly disguised ads, low survey volume or payout
problems. And never, ever pay for survey opportunities. Remember, money should
always flow towards a survey taker and not away.

Find the Highest-Paying Sites

Survey-review sites are a good source of information on pre-existing and new survey sites.
Once you’re reliably weeding out scams, target sites that have high ratings
from users for payouts. Several factors influence how much a survey site may
pay out over a given period. This includes not only the average amount a user can expect to
make per survey minute, but also how well it matches surveys to users
and weeds out inappropriate users.

A paid online survey site with little survey volume may pay out at the upper end of
the scale per survey but still be worth little. Taking surveys for rewards is
in part a bulk numbers game.

Join Multiple Sites

No paid-survey sites offer unlimited capacity to end users. The way they
generally work is that a user signs up, provides varying amounts of information
about himself or herself, and is then matched by the site to surveys offered
each day by client organizations. As surveys are matched to appropriate survey
takers, those end users get notified, usually by email. The point is that
users typically aren’t offered an endless buffet of survey options, but must
wait for them. Because of this, being in line on multiple sites is a good idea. The only
exception is when you’ve started receiving your target number of surveys you’d
feel comfortable filling out each day or week. Persistently refusing
surveys may result in sites decreasing the numbers of surveys offered to you.

Mix and Match Payout Types

If you want cash payouts, you will naturally focus on cash-paying sites such as Opinion
Outpost. However, you may find yourself maxing out your cash-survey
opportunities every month. The next logical step is to consider earning survey
money that pays out in reward points (spendable on product discounts and
services) and sweepstakes. While you might prefer cold, hard cash,
anything that results in saving you money can be as good as cash. Think of survey
sites as offering a portfolio of potential payouts, which can be combined for
greater profit. Even the sites which focus on sweepstakes-style payouts
should not be completely ignored; some people do win, and an occasional success
could greatly increase your total profit.

Choose the Highest-Valued Payout

However, you should keep an open mind. With decreasing payout rates on cash sites, you
may be able to get a bit better rate of return for your time by accepting at
least some points for discounts on products or services. In addition, sites
that pay out cash often use points which can be converted to cash. When the
time comes to request a payout, compare how much you can get in cash against
how much cash value you’d get for the same points applied against products or
services, some of which you probably already buy.

Provide As Much Information About Yourself As Possible

Many sites offer the chance to take additional unpaid surveys, or to otherwise add extra
profile information about yourself. Take advantage of these opportunities.

They can result in increased survey opportunities on many sites. The failure to add enough personal data is one of the major reasons that many
people receive few survey offers after joining a site.

Keep All Subscriptions Up To Date

Since survey sites need to offer their client businesses a consistent base of
ready-to-work survey takers, they naturally tend to focus on the more reliable
users. On many sites, refusing too many survey offers will result in fewer
offers being sent to your email account. In some cases, accounts may even be
terminated. Make sure to keep your profile updated at all sites and to
periodically take surveys from each one.

Respond Quickly To Survey Offers

When you get a survey offer via email, be sure to take the survey as quickly as
possible. The reason: many surveys have a quota to fill, which when satisfied
will disqualify all future users who attempt to take the survey. Use your
survey opportunity or risk losing it.

Take Surveys Quickly

Not only can a user be disqualified from taking a survey once its quota is filled, but Make Money Paid Surveys
this can even happen on some sites mid-survey. If you take too long to complete
a survey, you might have spent that time to get no reward. In addition, getting speedier while taking surveys will
enable you to take more of them in a given period, upping your earning

Devote More Idle Time to Surveys

Surveys can be a fun time to spend a few minutes or even be viewed as a way to make a
little extra cash. Some users even report using surveys as an important addition
to household income during periods of unemployment. No matter how seriously you
take online survey income, try to find time during the day when you might be
taking surveys without impacting your home life. For many people, surveys are
best done while idly watching the news or using other media.

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