Everything You Need to Know About Product Testing

Posted on April 12th, 2013

by Megan Flemming

Anyone that has used a product in their life has done so after being targeted for their use. Product testing is done for everything that is sold Product Testing Exampleanywhere. It is methodical and designed to help sell to the public. Product testing involves finding out what that public wants to buy or needs to be able to buy. There is a craft to the process that is fascinating. Here are the facts on everything that you ever wanted to know about product testing.

The Law

The laws regarding products are very strict in some places. Failure to comply with those laws can even lead to time in prison. That is what makes product testing so important. It is the process by which everything is evaluated for need and safety.

This type of testing began around 1897 when the National Electric Code was first put in place. It enforced safety standards for electrical systems. Most people are familiar with safety codes in toys and in paints. All of these came into play when people began to get sick or harmed from use of various things in production. That was the first time that the government began to control products and their release to the public. The Department of Food and Drug Administration was begun in a very similar fashion for the safety of the general public.


The biggest question after safety is the usefulness of any given thing. That is what determines if it will be a product that people will want again. Think about it. How many times have you bought something once and then never bought it again? You might even have said to yourself: “I’ll never buy that again!” No matter what a product claims to do, the ability for it to perform as a useful thing is shown after the point of sale. Testing things helps that process become seriously more successful.

The Fun Factor

The other side of product testing is the fun of the product. Even if something is useful the fun of use is another issue to be considered. Testing the product to see if it offers any fun is important to the continued success of anything. Sometimes packaging can be included in this area.

A company might create a product and test it just to find that it is not that fun. They then change the packaging or the method if delivery, and the product is addictive. What people think of a product counts a lot in product testing. As a product tester, one goal will be to see if the thing has that fun factor. If not, then the manufacturer must try again.

Here’s an entertaining look at the fun side of product testing:


The final aspect of product testing is the price. How much can they sell it for in the market? How much is a person willing to pay. The company that makes the product wants to maximize profits of course, but they also want repeat customers for life. This is by far the trickiest part of evaluation. Product testing allows them to see what price to sell it for to the general public.

Repeat Options

Some items even have a factor of repeat purchases through options. One such example would be a video game. How many expansion packs can they sell you? If it is a movie, just how many times are you willing to return to the same list of characters in similar situations? The results of this can mean millions for the creator, so high quality product testing is key to their success. Nobody wants to feel taken advantage of either, so keen planning is important here.

Who Tests it?

At the end of the day the results are based on the opinions of the people that are product testers. Many people get paid to just try products and evaluate them for all of these things. Who tests it is important as well. Surveys are sent out to applicants to see who is qualified to test their product release. This stage is as important as any other because skewed results can mean loss of revenue and potential failure of a company. The means by which the product is tested is part of the whole process as well for the success of any release.

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