Which Paid Surveys Pay In Cash, PayPal or Rewards?

Posted on February 28th, 2013

by Megan Flemming

What if someone told you they’d give you a $1 for your
opinion? You’d jump at that chance, right? Well, there are people out there
willing to do just that: online survey companies! Just sign up, start giving
your opinion, and watch the cash start rolling. Some surveys make straight
cash payments, some will make deposits to your PayPal account, some will give
Rewards to give the survey taker discounts on goods or services.

It is important to make sure the survey companies you are taking will pay you in the
way that’s most convenient for you. Below are some of the most popular online
survey sites and how they pay their survey takers.

Online Outpost

Online Outpost is perhaps the most well-known paid online
survey company. This company offers points for taking surveys, then allows you
to cash out once you’ve reached a minimum number of points. They offer two
ways to get paid: PayPal and Rewards. In order to cash out on PayPal, you have
to accumulated 100 points (equaling $10) you can have the money deposited to
your PayPal account. You can then spend the money as you would cash. In order
to get Rewards, the minimum is lower (generally 50 points) but you are limited
as to where you can spend the reward. There are many well-known businesses
where you can spend the money, so the Rewards option is not limiting. Users
also win entries into a $10,000 Bonus Raffle done each quarter, so the more
surveys you take, the more chances you have to win that large prize.


MySurvey is another well-known online survey company. This
site is similar to Opinion Outpost in how they pay their test takers. Again,
this site allows the user to take surveys worth points, which can then be
cashed out to PayPal or in Rewards. This site also makes the user reach 100
points to cash out to PayPal, while the Rewards threshold is usually around 50
points. Like the above, the Rewards are able to be cashed out at a lower
rate. And like the above, the Rewards can be cashed out at many well-known

Ipsos i-Say

Ipsos i-Say is part of the Ipsos company, a nationally
recognized market research company. This online research wing allows users to
cash out in both PayPal and in Rewards. Their threshold, however, is a bit
higher: users must cash out $10 for the Rewards option and $15 for the PayPal
option. And although the surveys are not quite as frequent on this site, they
tend to pay slightly more to balance things out. And each new member is
enrolled in a $1000 New Member raffle, so there is an extra chance to win by
signing up.


This site only allows a user to take the cash option, and
their threshold is much higher: $50 is the minimum. However, unlike the other
sites, this site generally gives some points even for surveys that you don’t
qualify for. This allows you to get closer to your goal even if you find
yourself being disqualified from some tests. And with just the cash option,
test takers know they will get spendable money instead of hoping to find a
Rewards offer they find useful. They money is deposited to your PayPal account
when you reach the $50 minimum, or you can wait to accumulate more.


This site also only allows Cash, as well, but allows either
PayPal or gift cards. The threshold on this site is a bit higher, as well,
allows user to cash out when they hit $25. The good thing about this site is
that surveys are generally always available, and they start you out with $5
just for signing up. This allows you to start 20% towards a cash-out goal.
This site also does not have a point system, and instead offers their surveys
for the cash value directly. Generally, the surveys pay anywhere from $1 to
$1.50, with more money available for longer surveys.


This site is different, in that it asks you to match up
celebrities with certain attributes to find brands that may match that
celebrities attributes. This site offers fewer surveys per month than the
other sites, but users report that the surveys are generally enjoyable and not
difficult. They also offer a monthly sweepstakes for $20 which has 50 winners,
so there is an additional way to make a little extra cash. If celebrities and
their endorsements are something you enjoy studying and offering an opinion on,
this may be the best survey for you (even if you earn a little less overall due
to the low volume of surveys). This site only allows cash outs through Rewards
gift cards available at large national retailers.

Pinecone Research

Pinecone is a relatively new survey site, but seems to be
growing in popularity quickly. In fact, it is so popular that it is by
invitation only (although they do occasionally offer open registration). This
site allows Cash payouts as well as PayPal payouts. It is especially good for
older individuals, as this site offers surveys specifically for people over 65,
as well as those from 18-64.

Here’s a video on how to find a registration link:

This site pays upwards of $3 per survey and
offers very fast turnaround on getting paid. If you can find an invitation,
snatch it up!

For those looking for a legitimate work-from-home
opportunity, these paid surveys can be a good way to supplement your income.
While you certainly won’t get rich from any of these companies, it can be a
nice little bonus that really adds up at the end of the year, or can result in
some cheaper trips to the grocery store or major retailer. For the best
opportunity to make money, sign up at multiple companies and check your email
daily for surveys. For college students looking to earn a little cash, stay at
home moms with a little free time, or retirees, the ease and flexibility of
these sites makes for a great opportunity!

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