Infographic: Earn Money From The Comfort of Home With Online Surveys

I’m very pleased to announce’s first infographic!

If you’re new to paid surveys — or maybe want to learn a few new tricks — then I think you’ll get a lot from our infographic.

Here are some things covered in this visualization:

  • More registrations=More survey invitations: This is something many people overlook. Because they want the “perfect” survey panel they sometimes miss out on those B+/C- panels. While they may not be the best, they can help make sure you always have enough invitations to make money.
  • Panel Account Management: Be careful about leaving cash and points in your accounts. I’ve heard a ton of horror stories from survey panelists that got locked out of their account with hundreds of dollars sitting inside (not cool!).
  • Referrals can earn you more money: Surveys are great. But you can often earn more by referring your friends to sites like CashCrate and Swagbucks. Make sure to read the rules of each “refer a friend” program carefully to make sure you get the credit you deserve. Infographic


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Everything You Need to Know About Product Testing

Anyone that has used a product in their life has done so after being targeted for their use. Product testing is done for everything that is sold Product Testing Exampleanywhere. It is methodical and designed to help sell to the public. Product testing involves finding out what that public wants to buy or needs to be able to buy. There is a craft to the process that is fascinating. Here are the facts on everything that you ever wanted to know about product testing.

The Law

The laws regarding products are very strict in some places. Failure to comply with those laws can even lead to time in prison. That is what makes product testing so important. It is the process by which everything is evaluated for need and safety.

This type of testing began around 1897 when the National Electric Code was first put in place. It enforced safety standards for electrical systems. Most people are familiar with safety codes in toys and in paints. All of these came into play when people began to get sick or harmed from use of various things in production. That was the first time that the government began to control products and their release to the public. The Department of Food and Drug Administration was begun in a very similar fashion for the safety of the general public.


The biggest question after safety is the usefulness of any given thing. That is what determines if it will be a product that people will want again. Think about it. How many times have you bought something once and then never bought it again? You might even have said to yourself: “I’ll never buy that again!” No matter what a product claims to do, the ability for it to perform as a useful thing is shown after the point of sale. Testing things helps that process become seriously more successful.

The Fun Factor

The other side of product testing is the fun of the product. Even if something is useful the fun of use is another issue to be considered. Testing the product to see if it offers any fun is important to the continued success of anything. Sometimes packaging can be included in this area.

A company might create a product and test it just to find that it is not that fun. They then change the packaging or the method if delivery, and the product is addictive. What people think of a product counts a lot in product testing. As a product tester, one goal will be to see if the thing has that fun factor. If not, then the manufacturer must try again.

Here’s an entertaining look at the fun side of product testing:


The final aspect of product testing is the price. How much can they sell it for in the market? How much is a person willing to pay. The company that makes the product wants to maximize profits of course, but they also want repeat customers for life. This is by far the trickiest part of evaluation. Product testing allows them to see what price to sell it for to the general public.

Repeat Options

Some items even have a factor of repeat purchases through options. One such example would be a video game. How many expansion packs can they sell you? If it is a movie, just how many times are you willing to return to the same list of characters in similar situations? The results of this can mean millions for the creator, so high quality product testing is key to their success. Nobody wants to feel taken advantage of either, so keen planning is important here.

Who Tests it?

At the end of the day the results are based on the opinions of the people that are product testers. Many people get paid to just try products and evaluate them for all of these things. Who tests it is important as well. Surveys are sent out to applicants to see who is qualified to test their product release. This stage is as important as any other because skewed results can mean loss of revenue and potential failure of a company. The means by which the product is tested is part of the whole process as well for the success of any release.

10 Tips for Making Money From Paid Surveys

Online surveys for money are a popular form of market research today.

Manufacturers and other
advertisers like them because they enable a better gauge of a product’s or service’s potential success before introduction. Sometimes this works even during the Market Research Sign design process. It can provide information to drive improvements as well as other opportunities. Providing these opportunities for businesses means more money, some of which can be earned by the survey takers.

However, with the wide proliferation of real and fake survey sites on the web today, it
can be difficult to find a legitimate survey site, let alone one that pays decent
rewards for a reliable supply of surveys. Follow this simple guide to maximize
your chances of profiting from your time spent filling out surveys online.

Know a Scam When You See One

It’s been estimated that for every legitimate money-making opportunity online, there are more than
60 scams. That’s especially true of online surveys. The lure of real
cash has not only tempted end users, but get-rich-quick parasitic scammers. Review sites
like can be helpful, as well as simply running web searches
containing the name of the survey panel/site and terms such as “scam”
or “legit.” For any survey site you’re considering, take the time to
look up user reviews at reliable review sites, noting carefully how many users
seem to be complaining about thinly disguised ads, low survey volume or payout
problems. And never, ever pay for survey opportunities. Remember, money should
always flow towards a survey taker and not away.

Find the Highest-Paying Sites

Survey-review sites are a good source of information on pre-existing and new survey sites.
Once you’re reliably weeding out scams, target sites that have high ratings
from users for payouts. Several factors influence how much a survey site may
pay out over a given period. This includes not only the average amount a user can expect to
make per survey minute, but also how well it matches surveys to users
and weeds out inappropriate users.

A paid online survey site with little survey volume may pay out at the upper end of
the scale per survey but still be worth little. Taking surveys for rewards is
in part a bulk numbers game.

Join Multiple Sites

No paid-survey sites offer unlimited capacity to end users. The way they
generally work is that a user signs up, provides varying amounts of information
about himself or herself, and is then matched by the site to surveys offered
each day by client organizations. As surveys are matched to appropriate survey
takers, those end users get notified, usually by email. The point is that
users typically aren’t offered an endless buffet of survey options, but must
wait for them. Because of this, being in line on multiple sites is a good idea. The only
exception is when you’ve started receiving your target number of surveys you’d
feel comfortable filling out each day or week. Persistently refusing
surveys may result in sites decreasing the numbers of surveys offered to you.

Mix and Match Payout Types

If you want cash payouts, you will naturally focus on cash-paying sites such as Opinion
Outpost. However, you may find yourself maxing out your cash-survey
opportunities every month. The next logical step is to consider earning survey
money that pays out in reward points (spendable on product discounts and
services) and sweepstakes. While you might prefer cold, hard cash,
anything that results in saving you money can be as good as cash. Think of survey
sites as offering a portfolio of potential payouts, which can be combined for
greater profit. Even the sites which focus on sweepstakes-style payouts
should not be completely ignored; some people do win, and an occasional success
could greatly increase your total profit.

Choose the Highest-Valued Payout

However, you should keep an open mind. With decreasing payout rates on cash sites, you
may be able to get a bit better rate of return for your time by accepting at
least some points for discounts on products or services. In addition, sites
that pay out cash often use points which can be converted to cash. When the
time comes to request a payout, compare how much you can get in cash against
how much cash value you’d get for the same points applied against products or
services, some of which you probably already buy.

Provide As Much Information About Yourself As Possible

Many sites offer the chance to take additional unpaid surveys, or to otherwise add extra
profile information about yourself. Take advantage of these opportunities.

They can result in increased survey opportunities on many sites. The failure to add enough personal data is one of the major reasons that many
people receive few survey offers after joining a site.

Keep All Subscriptions Up To Date

Since survey sites need to offer their client businesses a consistent base of
ready-to-work survey takers, they naturally tend to focus on the more reliable
users. On many sites, refusing too many survey offers will result in fewer
offers being sent to your email account. In some cases, accounts may even be
terminated. Make sure to keep your profile updated at all sites and to
periodically take surveys from each one.

Respond Quickly To Survey Offers

When you get a survey offer via email, be sure to take the survey as quickly as
possible. The reason: many surveys have a quota to fill, which when satisfied
will disqualify all future users who attempt to take the survey. Use your
survey opportunity or risk losing it.

Take Surveys Quickly

Not only can a user be disqualified from taking a survey once its quota is filled, but Make Money Paid Surveys
this can even happen on some sites mid-survey. If you take too long to complete
a survey, you might have spent that time to get no reward. In addition, getting speedier while taking surveys will
enable you to take more of them in a given period, upping your earning

Devote More Idle Time to Surveys

Surveys can be a fun time to spend a few minutes or even be viewed as a way to make a
little extra cash. Some users even report using surveys as an important addition
to household income during periods of unemployment. No matter how seriously you
take online survey income, try to find time during the day when you might be
taking surveys without impacting your home life. For many people, surveys are
best done while idly watching the news or using other media.

12 Best (Real) Ways to Make Money Online

What if you were told you could make an extra $1000 a month from your computer?

You’d be skeptical, right? Well, it may sound too good to
be true, but it’s not! Believe it or not, there are some actual, legitimate
ways to make money online (including some legit survey panels). Sure, we’ve all seen get rich quick schemes
advertised, or jobs that claim you’ll be a millionaire in just a few short
weeks. Those, obviously, are not what will be discussed here. Below are
actual, legitimate ways to make hundreds of dollars from home. Maybe even
more, depending on how much time you can devote to it!

Online Search Evaluator

Did you ever wonder how Google and Bing get their search
engines so accurate? It relies on a complicated algorithm, but it also
requires sets of human eyes to make sure the computers are doing their jobs.
This is where you come in. These sites will pay anywhere from $13.50 per hour
to $15 per hour, depending on the specific job. With these, you’ll get a search
term with two sets of results. You’ll then have to determine from these
results what the user is intending to find, and how well each set of results
corresponds to that intent. At the end of the month, you submit your hours and
have a check deposited directly into your account. For those who want
flexibility and an interesting set of work, this is job opportunity for you!


Ebay Logo

This isn’t a new idea, but there is some serious cash to be
made on eBay, if you’re willing to put in the time. Often, thrift stores or
other second hand shops can be a gold mine for those who know how to identify
products with value and then have the desire to resell them. With a trained
eye, a person can find the diamond in the rough and really make some extra


Similarly, people are always looking to sell or give things
away on Craigslist. If you have some knowledge of fixing appliances or
electronics, this site can be a goldmine. Often, people are willing to just
throw old TVs or DVD players away, or want someone to just come in and haul
away their old refrigerator or stove. If you have the ability to fix these
appliances, you can turn them into some fast cash.


These jobs are often done for lawyers or doctors, and
require the person to transcribe medical notes or legal files into typed
documents. This field may require some training and some specialized
equipment, but if you can break in, you can make a real living doing this.
Some transcribers have reported making over $35,000 per year. If you need a
job that offers flexibility and a decent paycheck, this is definitely worth
your time.

Freelance Writer

Websites need content, and who better to write that content
than you? Whether it’s product descriptions, SEO articles, or other page filler,
there are several websites which will pair up aspiring freelancers with
companies that are hiring. If you have the talent for the written word, this
is a great way to express that and get paid.

Freelance Web Designer

In a similar way, websites need to get built, and often just
a simple template is all that is needed. WordPress, for instance, allows
websites to be built relatively simply and conveniently, so if you have the
skills to learn this software and build a website for a company or person, they
will certainly hire you. Often, the same sites that have freelance writing
jobs have offers for these web design jobs, as well.

Call-Center Work Call Center Worker

If you have good people skills and patience, why not put
them to use in your home? Major companies will pay you to take customer
service calls in your home. This job usually requires a decent computer,
headset, and people skills, so if you think you can help people or listen
calmly to their questions or concerns, this could be a good living for you.


Kids today face intense pressure to get good grades, get
into good colleges, and have all the opportunities available. Because of that,
parents are often looking for qualified individuals to help give their children
a hand. If you have a college degree (or higher) and have some experience
working with children, tutoring could be a good way to earn a little cash while
doing something very positive and helpful.

Mystery Shopper

This may require you to leave your home, although some
companies will pay you to make phone calls to companies to see how their
customer service representatives do on calls. If you have good acting ability
and enjoy retail, this could be a good opportunity.


If you have the ability to make custom furniture or
eye-popping works of art, it has never been easier to sell your wares online.
Sites like eBay, Etsy, and others allow people to put their works for sale to
people literally the world over. If you have the talent and skills to create
things that are truly beautiful, the world will beat a path to your door to
find it.

Virtual Assistant

With internet connectivity everywhere, it is no longer
necessary for assistants to come into the office. You can be an assistant from
your very own home, working with a company’s social media pages, drafting
documents, and doing other tasks, all while wearing your pajamas! If you have
some computer skills, a decent computer, and the focus to work hard from your
home, this career could be right up your alley.

Internet EntrepreneurBill Gates Headshot

The sky’s the limit with this job! Do you have a great
idea? Are you the next Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates? Then register a domain
name and get to work! With websites cheap, it is has literally never been
easier to set up your own business right from your home. Whether you’re the
next technological genius or the next great movie maker, a website can help you
get your name out there and get you on the path to making serious money.

How to Determine Whether a Paid Survey Panel is Legitimate

Survey panels are attractive for end users because just about anyone can make money Image of Paid Survey Scams
using them. They take no training whatsoever, unlike other online moneymaking
ventures (like freelancing). They’re also believable, partly because most people knows someone who has
made money using such sites, and partly because the claims of payouts are not

Unfortunately, that very believability, coupled with the fact that survey sites require the
entry of end-user information to match users to appropriate surveys, makes
survey panels a major target for scammers. Scams are abound on the internet. By one
estimate, there are at least sixty scams for every legitimate online moneymaking
opportunity, and surveys are no exception. Following the tips below may help
avoid paid-survey scams. Use the information, and any suggested companies, at
your own risk. Always do your own legwork to make sure that any organization
you interact with on a financial basis is legit.

Don’t Respond to Emails Touting Survey Sites You Haven’t Joined

First and foremost, your goal should be to avoid obvious scams and phishing.

Unfortunately, the fact that surveys for money sites necessarily collect user information
including basic contact info but also more in-depth, usually private
information, makes them a target for traditional scammers as well as phishing
attacks (i.e. attempts to get user information illicitly, often by presenting
illegitimate web links or attachments as legitimate). Survey sites which are
legitimate don’t usually market themselves by sending mass spam emails. If you
do get an email claiming to be from a paid-survey site, follow good basic
security practices.

Don’t follow any links embedded in the email. Instead, if
necessary, search for the company name online to begin reading what others
think. Never, ever click on email attachments. Any survey site which is worth joining (or not) should have a substantial
web presence, which you should investigate thoroughly before deciding to join.

Avoid Scam Submission Services

Some phishing emails targeting would-be survey takers claim to have an
“in” with the best paid survey sites. Such emails direct one to a
site where, supposedly, if you enter your personal details, you will be sent valuable
information to join multiple survey sites, or even auto-registered on those
sites. Don’t fall for it. Legitimate survey sites universally offer free
sign-ups, and are usually not owned by the same parent companies. You are best
off simply finding sites to join and joining each one individually.

Read User and Expert Reviews

Visual Representation of User Reviews

With a business model that includes convincing thousands or millions of people to take
online surveys, an established survey panel is the quintessential example of a
business which should have scads of user and possible expert reviews available.
Run, don’t walk, from a site which has few or no reviews, or which is
consistently indicated as a scam. Also, use sites such as ScamBusters in conjunction
with web searches, using the name of the company with terms such as
“scam” or “legitimate” to weed out scams.

Learn About Survey Companies Using Industry Info

Like any other industry, market-research survey companies have their own standards
bodies. Information can be treated as more reliable if it comes from the American Assocation for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR), the Council of American Survey Research Organizations (,
the Council of Marketing and Opinion Research (, as
well as ESOMAR (

Stick To Survey Sites Known To Be Legitimate

Survey panels change branding very rarely, and new ones that are worthwhile to join don’t
come along very often. For that reason, it might make more sense to take a
top-down approach, focusing on sites proven to be legitimate rather than
guessing at the merit of unknown sites. Highly reviewed sites include (pays even for screened-out survey responses), (pays for surveys plus sweepstakes entry rewards), (point rewards plus cash sweepstakes entries), (rewards include PayPal cash transfers and Amazon gift cards),
(mostly sweepstakes rewards with some cash payments),
(points rewards, covertible to cash), (paid surveys plus
SavvyConnect browser-tracking software), and (cash sweepstakes
entries plus points rewards redeemable at Amazon and elsewhere).

Don’t Pay. Ever

This tip is very simple. Any site that claims to have the best, most valuable surveys
but needs a signup or any other fee from you is almost certainly bogus. Survey
panels and similar sites make money by matching them up with
qualified consumers and other users, not by forcing users to pay for the
privilege of providing valuable consumer info. With the low payouts
typically offered by survey sites, it would make no sense to pay to join.

Never Install Anything

Any site that tries to convince you to install software locally on your machine may
also be a scam. There are a few sites with market-tracking software which can
be installed locally, being one example. However, it’s best to
avoid doing so unless you know exactly what you’re doing. The software from an
unknown company may contain malware, and even if it doesn’t, it may compromise
your privacy. Remember, survey-taking is an activity that fits perfectly into webpages loaded into a common web browser. There should be no need to install anything locally.

Use Safe Methods of Payment

Survey panel sites generally pay in cash, points rewards, sweepstakes entries and product
samples. Only cash rewards should require any sort of payment gateway or direct
financial transaction for you to get your money. In addition, legitimate cash
survey sites such as Opinion Outpost generally pay using secure online payment
gateways such as PayPal. Never, ever give your credit card, bank account or
similar information directly to a survey site.

How to Make Money Online as a Freelancer

Freelance at the office

This is What Freelancing Looks Like In Real Life

With the changing economy and the ongoing explosive growth of nearly every category of
online media, more people are considering finding work or supplementing their normal income online. Myths and misconceptions about online
work are prevalent. It’s possible to make money freelancing online, but your odds
improve with a few simple techniques.

What Is An Online Freelancer? defines “freelancer” as “a writer or artist who sells services
to different employers without a long-term contract with any of them.” The term
has been broadened a bit in the digital revolution, where freelancing can
encompass many sorts of activities including, but not limited to: writing,
proofreading and editing; foreign language translation; multimedia work,
including corporate branding and similar advertising-related work; sales and
marketing, including writing Search Engine Optimized (SEO) copy, telemarketing,
email and viral marketing, lead generation, and writing business plans; admin
and staff support activities, including data entry and transcription;
engineering work including CAD design; small chunks of legal work, including
writing or checking contracts, essentially any work that can be
“unbundled” from a larger legal representation or endeavor; and
Information Technology (IT) work including computer programming, website design
and maintenance, and system administration or other technical support.

This short and incomplete list should be enough to get across the main idea. Due to the
increasingly specialized job market, freelancing is not only becoming more
popular, but it is also continuing to expand. This is good
news for anyone about to engage in a hunt for online work. A range of work
exists from traditional writing and artistic work to new computer-created specialties,
including simple data entry at the low end and complex programming at the top. Some simple tips which can help you get started in an online freelancing career follow.

Join a Freelancing Site

Sites such as and make applying for freelance contracts easy. Signup
is free on most sites, although they generally rank job applicants on various
factors including whether their identity is verified (for a price). If you’re going to create a
profile on one site, you might as well join several. Since jobs will trickle in
at first, anything to broaden your appeal and multiply your potential earnings
will help make you successful more quickly.

Fill Out a Complete E-Resume

Just like in the face-to-face world, potential employers want to know who they’re hiring,
even if individual online freelance contracts tend to be small. The way
freelancing sites work is that the employers post a job and can generally specially invite
certain freelancers to apply. Everyone else also is given an opportunity to
bid or apply for the job.

Freelance employers tend to gravitate to profiles and resumes that boast
relevant experience. A nice-looking online photo is a must. Any fairly recent
headshot will do well, and local pharmacies will scan a photo for a low price
if you don’t have the capability at home.

Verification is another important step. On some freelancing sites this will require a web
camera, which can be bought online for a few dollars if necessary. If you have any professional licenses, enter them and have them
verified as well. It may give you a bump in the rankings for certain contracts.

Make sure to fill in information for every category. For example, in job history at least
add enough tidbits to help someone roughly understand your background. Don’t
leave any part blank. This will almost always result in a lower profile
completeness score and lesser rankings as seen by potential employers.

Freelancing sites also usually have a way to provide work samples. Take advantage of this
at all costs. If you are applying for writing contracts, make sure to have at
least one or two writing samples on your profile, preferably of different
types. If necessary, write a sample.

Finally, take advantage of any opportunities to show your skill levels such as online
tests., for example, has various online skills tests for a range of
disciplines. These can be invaluable for a new freelancer because they help to show
your ability even without the benefit of past job ratings.

Try To Stand Out From The Crowd

Most advice for crafting winning, memorable resumes applies to the world of online
freelancing, but tenfold. Employers will generally see a reduced version of
your profile in the list of applicants for their jobs, usually with a short
tagline or two. With only a few words to make a first impression, do you want
to blather on about professionalism, like everyone else will be doing, or to
grab someone’s attention and never let go? Think of something, anything, that
can serve the main function of getting someone’s attention so that they click
through to your full profile. The only criteria are that the tagline has to work to garner attention, and it has to remain

Here are some more tips on this from Mason Hipp:

Carefully Check Your Profile

Ridiculous as it may seem, freelancing websites are full of would-be writers and editors
with glaring proofreading errors in their own profiles. Even if you’re a
perfect speller, spell-check your entire profile. For good measure, have
someone else read it over as well.

Take First Jobs With An Eye to Building “Cred”

Like other information about you, potential employers can see how many jobs you’ve been
hired to do, and what your past employers have thought of your contract
work. Elance, for example, has a five-star rating system. This naturally
leads to a preference for contractors that have been proven to deliver a
quality product.

What this means for a new freelancer is that you’ll be facing proven and reliable workers with
higher ratings than you at every turn. Thus, like beginners everywhere, you
will need to start by taking jobs that are less rewarding than ones you hope to
get years down the line. Don’t shun the grunt work. Embrace it. You need to build up the
earnings and experience on your profile to gain a reputation.

Review of Opinion Outpost Survey Panel

Online surveys are a way to earn extra cash, points that can be redeemed toward
products and services, and even sweepstakes entries that can result in large
cash prizes. “Survey panels” are sites which often aggregate surveys
from a range of different organizations and offer or match them to member Opinion Outpost Logo
users, often based on demographic data important to the organization. They
don’t tend to pay much, but can be a fun way to make a little extra cash while
watching TV or listening to music.

However, in recent years, the idea of profiting from online surveys has seemingly become tantamount to a get-rich-quick scam. Unscrupulous advertisers have been attempting
to squeeze money out of hapless users by getting them to pay for survey
opportunities which should be free, phishing for users’ contact information, or disguising ads as a legitimate survey. It’s been
estimated that for every legitimate online money-making opportunity, there are
60 scams. The prevalence of scams makes vetting a survey site important. In
addition, even legitimate sites can differ greatly in the number and quality of
survey opportunities they offer, how much they pay, and how rewards
are paid and redeemed.

Opinion Outpost: The Upside

The Opinion Outpost survey/market-research site is one of the most well-known on the web.
Whereas some sites offer only points redeemable for discounts on merchandise or
services, and others focus mainly on sweepstakes entries, Opinion Outpost is one
of the bigger, more reliable sites that offers cash payouts. Opinion Outpost is
operated by Survey Sampling International, which manages survey panels and
other market research tools in 27 countries.

Signing up is free and easy. Entering a user’s first name, last name and email will nearly
instantly generate an activation email from Opinion Outpost. After receiving
and clicking on the link in the email, the user is redirected to the Opinion
Outpost registration page. User details must next be entered including sex,
birth date, address, occupation, whether the user owns or rents, etc. While
such details may seem intrusive, nearly all of the survey sites need
this basic information to match users to appropriate surveys. After
registration is complete, a user’s profile can be updated at any time.

After initial signup and registration, a user has the option of taking additional
profile surveys, containing questions about the user which are not rewarded
with points. It is recommended to take any such additional surveys to increase
the number of surveys offered by the site.

Eventually a user will start receiving emails containing links to surveys matched to the
user. It is a good idea to respond to these as soon as possible to avoid the
chance of being disallowed from taking one (or even essentially taking one
without any reward) because the survey offer has already fulfilled its target
number of responses.

It’s especially important for anyone who intends to use the site to
earn occasional small income to remain active. After several months, if a user does not attempt
to qualify for any surveys, he or she may be removed from the system. When
a user account is terminated, any earned but unpaid points may be lost.

Users consistently tend to rate Opinion Outpost highly on factors including overall
experience, ease of registration, whether the site misled them or not during
signup, customer support, quality and receipt of incentives or rewards, the
quality or enjoyability of surveys, and whether they would recommend the site
to family and friends. That same aggregation of user feedback shows an average
of surveys received per month at 22, a decent number compared to rates at many
sites. Keep in mind that this number includes all those with depressed
opportunities due to failing to fill out the initial profile surveys, and those
who didn’t respond to all survey opportunities emailed to them. Realistic
expectations seem to be to make approximately $10/week when responding to most
opportunities in a timely fashion.

The Downside

Negatives of the site reported by users include declining incentives. For instance, whereas
it used to be possible to earn 30 points for a survey that lasted 30 minutes,
with an earning potential of around $6/hour spent answering surveys, current
rates of return may be much lower. It’s unrealistic to expect to make a sizable income in
such a way (though one user reported making $30 to $40 per month to supplement
unemployment income). Also, in order to get paid via PayPal, users will have to
have a verified PayPal account, which seems to be the only way to get cash
payouts at the time of this writing. For users who prefer other online payment
gateways or simply haven’t been verified yet, this may be a hassle.

Another persistent area of user complaints relates to wasted time. It’s possible on
Opinion Outpost to spend time filling out pre-survey questions, only to find
out that the user doesn’t qualify for that survey. However, pre-surveys tend to
be short, and taking whole surveys without any reward is relatively rare. In
the absence of extensive up-front data collection sufficient to satisfy all
potential organization needs for matching suitable respondents, some sort of
pre-survey questioning is unavoidable. Other user complaints include technical
glitches preventing being paid for some surveys, causing the user to have to
battle customer support for a payout. Keep in mind, though, that most users
rate Opinion Outpost highly in terms of customer satisfaction, and that for
every negative customer report there are likely many positive, even glowing

Opinion Outpost Remains a Leading Paid Survey Site

Overall, despite some technical glitches and declining payouts, Opinion Outpost remains
one of the largest and most reliable survey sites around. As with all paid
survey sites, expectations must be realistic. With relatively abundant survey
opportunities and same-day payouts via PayPal, Opinion Outpost could be a
useful and fun way to earn a little extra spending money, or help with the
grocery bill.

Which Paid Surveys Pay In Cash, PayPal or Rewards?

What if someone told you they’d give you a $1 for your
opinion? You’d jump at that chance, right? Well, there are people out there
willing to do just that: online survey companies! Just sign up, start giving
your opinion, and watch the cash start rolling. Some surveys make straight
cash payments, some will make deposits to your PayPal account, some will give
Rewards to give the survey taker discounts on goods or services.

It is important to make sure the survey companies you are taking will pay you in the
way that’s most convenient for you. Below are some of the most popular online
survey sites and how they pay their survey takers.

Online Outpost

Online Outpost is perhaps the most well-known paid online
survey company. This company offers points for taking surveys, then allows you
to cash out once you’ve reached a minimum number of points. They offer two
ways to get paid: PayPal and Rewards. In order to cash out on PayPal, you have
to accumulated 100 points (equaling $10) you can have the money deposited to
your PayPal account. You can then spend the money as you would cash. In order
to get Rewards, the minimum is lower (generally 50 points) but you are limited
as to where you can spend the reward. There are many well-known businesses
where you can spend the money, so the Rewards option is not limiting. Users
also win entries into a $10,000 Bonus Raffle done each quarter, so the more
surveys you take, the more chances you have to win that large prize.


MySurvey is another well-known online survey company. This
site is similar to Opinion Outpost in how they pay their test takers. Again,
this site allows the user to take surveys worth points, which can then be
cashed out to PayPal or in Rewards. This site also makes the user reach 100
points to cash out to PayPal, while the Rewards threshold is usually around 50
points. Like the above, the Rewards are able to be cashed out at a lower
rate. And like the above, the Rewards can be cashed out at many well-known

Ipsos i-Say

Ipsos i-Say is part of the Ipsos company, a nationally
recognized market research company. This online research wing allows users to
cash out in both PayPal and in Rewards. Their threshold, however, is a bit
higher: users must cash out $10 for the Rewards option and $15 for the PayPal
option. And although the surveys are not quite as frequent on this site, they
tend to pay slightly more to balance things out. And each new member is
enrolled in a $1000 New Member raffle, so there is an extra chance to win by
signing up.


This site only allows a user to take the cash option, and
their threshold is much higher: $50 is the minimum. However, unlike the other
sites, this site generally gives some points even for surveys that you don’t
qualify for. This allows you to get closer to your goal even if you find
yourself being disqualified from some tests. And with just the cash option,
test takers know they will get spendable money instead of hoping to find a
Rewards offer they find useful. They money is deposited to your PayPal account
when you reach the $50 minimum, or you can wait to accumulate more.


This site also only allows Cash, as well, but allows either
PayPal or gift cards. The threshold on this site is a bit higher, as well,
allows user to cash out when they hit $25. The good thing about this site is
that surveys are generally always available, and they start you out with $5
just for signing up. This allows you to start 20% towards a cash-out goal.
This site also does not have a point system, and instead offers their surveys
for the cash value directly. Generally, the surveys pay anywhere from $1 to
$1.50, with more money available for longer surveys.


This site is different, in that it asks you to match up
celebrities with certain attributes to find brands that may match that
celebrities attributes. This site offers fewer surveys per month than the
other sites, but users report that the surveys are generally enjoyable and not
difficult. They also offer a monthly sweepstakes for $20 which has 50 winners,
so there is an additional way to make a little extra cash. If celebrities and
their endorsements are something you enjoy studying and offering an opinion on,
this may be the best survey for you (even if you earn a little less overall due
to the low volume of surveys). This site only allows cash outs through Rewards
gift cards available at large national retailers.

Pinecone Research

Pinecone is a relatively new survey site, but seems to be
growing in popularity quickly. In fact, it is so popular that it is by
invitation only (although they do occasionally offer open registration). This
site allows Cash payouts as well as PayPal payouts. It is especially good for
older individuals, as this site offers surveys specifically for people over 65,
as well as those from 18-64.

Here’s a video on how to find a registration link:

This site pays upwards of $3 per survey and
offers very fast turnaround on getting paid. If you can find an invitation,
snatch it up!

For those looking for a legitimate work-from-home
opportunity, these paid surveys can be a good way to supplement your income.
While you certainly won’t get rich from any of these companies, it can be a
nice little bonus that really adds up at the end of the year, or can result in
some cheaper trips to the grocery store or major retailer. For the best
opportunity to make money, sign up at multiple companies and check your email
daily for surveys. For college students looking to earn a little cash, stay at
home moms with a little free time, or retirees, the ease and flexibility of
these sites makes for a great opportunity!

Smart Ways To Make Money Online

If you are new to ways of making money online, you will soon come to realize it is a form of art. To master any art, you usually need little information and a lot of practice. Good practice takes time, so it is absolutely necessary to invest some in finding and improving a good method. The reason I stress on the first step is because it is relatively easy to lose track of reasonable opportunities that will eventually come your way. And why lose time to make $10, when you can be actually making times and times this amount? Make Money Online Visualized

How to Find Legit Opportunities

Finding a good way to make a buck online is sometimes more about filtering fake opportunities. Since the infamous times when Nigerian spam letters flooded the world, scams have taken modern steps in improving their craft.

For example, not long ago, a guy named Dave Wood created a company that helped him make millions of dollars in just a few years. He was selling product that didn’t even exist. How did this happen? Lots of people were dragged into it and chain-promoted nothing in particular.

You can learn more about how he did it here:

Dave’s success is more or less based the fact that everything anyone has ever said on the internet is true. In this case, it wasn’t everyone, thankfully, but most . And that sufficed to anger a lot of people who joined his cause. By the time his company was getting a momentum in fooling good folk, search engines had already picked a lot of weirdly long posts in every forum and social network, all of them promoting Dave’s company, like it was the miracle of our century. This gets to show that even if you did your homework with the research, things can still easily go wrong. So be very careful when you pick your ways.

You Need to Be Systematic

Time is probably of greatest importance in almost every form of making money online. Average online poker players, for example, carefully choose the number of tables they are going to attend, to maximize the time they spend online. Also, the difference between online and real life poker is huge. In the online version you don’t see your opponents face, nobody is wearing wearing shades or using body language to bluff their way out. The internet is a harsh place to make short term profits, and its best if you learn this early on.

If you are a patient guy, long term solutions might appeal to you. There are a lot of options out there, but unfortunately most, if not all, use model or a platform that resembles a casino. You need to pretty much gamble your way into success. Usually, high risk operations give chance for big profit. However, they still look unappealing to the average guy, mainly because they require a substantial amount of cash upfront.

Working with big figures have many benefits. You can put your money into a system of many smaller investment – this way you can at least cover up for some of the potential losses.

ROI Matters

Another good approach is to make less investments that have good profit margin. Fewer investments are easier to manage and you can use the time saved to concentrate on what’s really important and on do it time. Getting rich using the internet is no easy task, you need to really reduce the mistakes you make. The competition learns quickly better ways to get ahead and you have to keep up with it, if you want to stay in the business.

The world web presents many solutions to any potential investors and entrepreneurs. Carefully choose possible options, and based on the size of your investment, you will acquire a list of suitable types of online business you can focus on later. But you need to practice a lot and always do your homework. One of the good pros in making money online is the flexible schedule you can eventually build for yourself. Flexible schedule can easily boost your productivity. Jobs with fixed working hours are not as engaging and provide little real incentive in comparison.

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